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Thursday, July 29, 2010

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I have a thing for Insect Collections.

It's the section I am most excited about when I go to the Natural History Museum in London (or the equivalent wherever I may be in the world).
Firstly, because of the diversity of species within this class of Animalia, and their illusive nature, I will never actually understand the enormity of the number of species that exist in the world. Looking at these collections allows me a little insight into the different shapes, sizes, colours and purposes of these bugs, it just amazes me.
Secondly, how cool would it have been to travel the world, like Charles Darwin, back in the 19th Century, when we knew very little about the world around us, discovering these species, looking at them in wonder and trying to understand more about them, definitely the job for me.


Barbara said...

i'm amazed with the number of species one can find. I'm planning to visit the natural history museum in london too because every time I go I never find the right time to go. This time will be different


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