Crafty Wishlist

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I see a lot of things everyday that inspire me to get crafty, whether it be patterns and tutorials on the Internet, or ideas from etsy or magazines that I should be able to make myself. Either way, there are now a lot of things which I am longing to make. Here's a peak.

1. a tote bag for carrying bits and pieces to work that wont fit in my handbag, like this one from Etsy.

2. Crochet a blanket, like this one by Novamade. I have already started and made 4 hexagons, but i have a feeling it may take me a while....

3. ...and on the theme of crochet a matching (or similar) cushion cover like this one on Etsy

4. a mug cozy inspired by the Sydney Crafternooners here.

5. this owl jumper. I think i would reach the pinnacle of my knitting ability when i can knit a jumper, i just need to make sure I see it through to the end, as I will probably get bored before it is done.

There are heaps of other things as well but way too many for this quick post, and for me to actually finish in the foreseeable future.



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