Phew....what a weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I know the weekend was a few days ago now but it was a big one and I've been a bit disorganised getting photos here we go.

Friday night kicked off with MUM, which is a club night in Kings Cross showcasing up and coming bands, all playing live. It's always a great night and was particularly special on Friday as it was their 3rd Birthday, celebrating with a mini festival of 20 bands, including We Say Bamboulee, The Frowning Clouds, and the Laurels.

Saturday's sunshine brought with it a trip to Surry Hills Markets, a monthly event which consists of vintage, second-hand and hand made items, where you can find a some great bargains from home wares to clothes and accessories.

After that, we went to watch the mighty Newtown Jets beat the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs at Henson Park, with beer and homemade ANZAC cookies (yum!) followed by "cook your own" at the Newington and drinks with friends.

Sunday began with a bleary eyed wake-up and a trip to some more markets. This time the Eveleigh's monthly Artisans markets, which were brimming with local hand-made crafts from clothes, toys, accessories and paper crafts.

Followed by the weekend extravaganza...the home-made outdoor cinema. We grabbed the projector, hauled our sofa's into the backyard, mulled the wine and began what will be known as Funeral Films.

So for more detail....we have a funeral directors warehouse behind our house (hence the Funeral Films), which conveniently has a large white-ish wall which we projected onto after dark. It turned out amazingly, the quality was perfect considering it was projected over 15meters and the screen was as large as any cinema screen. We had comfy sofas, popcorn, mulled wine, ice-cream and blankets....couldn't have asked for a more perfect night. 1st Screening was The Shining, followed by Gremlins.

p.s must make a special note to say thanks to Jon and Simon who made it all possible, rigging the white sheet to cover the window, an amazing feat of engineering which I didn't think was possible (sorry for the lack of faith guys), and organising the whole rock!

*last photo taken by Jon Mewett



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