Papa's Pasticceria

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Now we have Mavis, the opportunities to explore Sydney and beyond are endless, and I'm very excited about this prospect. There's so much to see that I wouldn't normally consider visiting due to the slow public transport in the city.

So, on Saturday we went on a little trip through Leichhardt and the Italian quarter to Haberfield and the most amazing patisserie I think I have ever stepped foot in (well, that is in Australia), called Passticceria Papa. They make the most mouth wateringly, melt in the mouth Ricotta Cake** which is a kinda baked cheesecake. I could literally buy a whole cake, sit there with a spoon and eat the whole thing. They also do great Canoli's (or cannelloni's as the boy calls them) as well as a plethora of other sweet and savory treats.

**I apologise about the picture of the half eaten cake but I couldn't wait to eat some.



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