Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We have just inherited Mavis, a beautiful 1981 Toyota Corona, from an amazing friend. She was going to send the old girl to the wreckers until we stepped in and saved her.

She is so old school and retro, with silver paintwork, plush camel interior and the obligatory granny smell that always comes with old cars...and best of all she drives like a dream (once she gets warmed up).

The Hunter Wetlands

Caves Beach
                                              Caves Beach                                                Beach on the Central Coast

We took her on her first road trip at the weekend up to Newie for Sim's little brothers birthday at the Hunter Wetlands, and did the coastal drive on the way home.

We just have to get her through her Rego inspection (fingers crossed) and all there will be plenty more road trips to come...Yeeha!!!



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