The weekend gone by

Monday, April 12, 2010

This weekend just gone provided a large amount of fun and excitement, including house parties, purchasing of sewing machines and of course Rocket Car Day (or Rocket Lobster Day as we re-named it).

Firstly, on Saturday I bought a sewing machine which I'm a wee bit excited about. It now means I can get my craft on and start making some more things. Thinking I might need to go to a few sewing classes first though.

Secondly, we had a house party at ours to welcome our new flatties Jon and Emma. Picture backyard, fire pit, jagermeister, friends, music and some token fairy lights. Shame I don't have any actual pictures, but imagination is probably the best way to remember this one.

Simon and Jon with the Rock(et) Lobster

Photos by Jon Mewett

And thirdly, there was Rocket Lobster Day. I, unfortunately, didn't actually make it to the actual racing, but partook in the test runs and a bit of the construction in the lead up. However, Team Bucknell did exceptionally well with their gourmet meals on wheels style contraption. Winning style points if nothing else (stupid competitor cut them up during the race - must have been jealous), and making it onto the headline of page 5 in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning. Very proud of the team that made it to the race and all their efforts.



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